Hospets is a new and unique program in the Central Ohio area.  Hospets serves senior citizens and hospice patients with pets, with the goal of keeping the pet and the person together as long as possible.  Pet ownership provides enormous health and emotional benefits for seniors.  The presence of a pet is the strongest social predictor of survival and pet ownership is especially important in increasing interest in life - pets give the elderly something to care for, as well as providing an opportunity for exercise and socialization.  While pet ownership brings great reward, there are also expenses. This is where Hospets steps in and helps This is done by:

Transporting pets to grooming and veterinary appointments

Assisting with pet food, pet medications, grooming, and basic veterinary services if owners are facing financial difficulties

Transporting pets to assisted living facilities for visits (if allowed)

Providing emergency respite care for the pet should the owner need to be hospitalized

Offering pre-planning placement  and assisting owners with finding new, loving homes for their pets

Cleaning litter boxes, walking and general grooming

Offering low cost spay and neuter, as well as vaccines

Providing a 24/7 Emergency/on call pet caregiving until family can take ownership of a pet (contacting Hospets before a crisis is crucial)

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