Larry Stearns suffered from pulmonary lung fibrosis and needed an increased level of care. As his health declined, Larry eventually had to move in with his daughter, an avid animal rescuer. While talking with nurses and social workers throughout her dad’s illness, she realized that the problem of elderly or sick individuals struggling to care for their pets was far more widespread than she ever realized. Upon the death of her father, Hospets was founded.

Founded in January 2012, Hospets serves approximately 250 pets from Union County and surrounding areas each month. There is a big demand for help with pet food and veterinary care. In one case an 87 year old man from Richwood needed assistance. His Pomeranian, which he considered more of a companion than a pet, had an ulcerated tumor on its leg. Unable to afford the surgery required to remove it, Hospets was able to help this man get the care he needed for his dog.

In addition to assistance with pet food and veterinary services, including transportation to appointments, Hospets helps arrange respite care for pets when their owners need to be hospitalized. If necessary, Hospets can also help locate a new home for pets if their owners are ultimately unable to resume caring for them.

One of the most important considerations for respite and permanent placement services is pre-registration. Hospets needs to be familiar with the pet before a crisis occurs. It is difficult to respond to last-minute placement emergencies. Good planning can help create positive outcomes for both the pet and the owner.

Larry Stearns and his best buddy Uppity

The Founding of HOSPETS™