Who we are

Hospets provides volunteer pet care services for referred seniors and hospice patients who need help caring for their pets, lifting much worry and emotional stress from the patient so they can simply enjoy their pets' unconditional love.

How we help

  • Transporting pets to grooming and veterinary appointments
  • Assistance with pet food, pet medications, and basic veterinary services if owners are facing financial difficulties
  • Transporting pets to assisted living facilities for visits (if allowed)
  • Emergency respite care for the pet should the owner need to be hospitalized
  • Pre-planning placement - Assisting owner with finding a new, loving home for their pet
  • Cleaning litter box, walking, general grooming
  • 24/7 Emergency/on call pet caregiver until family can take possession of a pet (contacting Hospets before a crisis is crucial)

How this program works

When the local Hospice, Homecare agency or Senior Services agency have a patient who needs assistance with pets, they will refer the patient to Hospets. Hospets meets with the patient and/or family to determine what the needs are for the pet and pet owner.

In the case of an emergency, Hospice, Senior Services, Emergency Responders are able to contact Hospets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to come and take possession of a pre-registered pet.

Should the patient and/or family need assistance finding a new home for their pet, Hospets obtains a full bio and history of the pet, takes photographs of the pet, makes sure the pet is healthy and any grooming or veterinary needs are met. Hospets begins looking for and screening potential new adopters. Ideally, the pet will remain with the owner as long as possible.


Latest Project

Home Away From Home

Having a pet greatly improves the physical and emotional well-being of senior citizens yet many senior citizens are on fixed incomes and may need to be hospitalized from time to time. The question arises many times, where do the pets go if there is no family nearby to help?

We have used in home foster homes for many pets but this is not an option for many other pets due to health, disease or behavior.  In order to help these pets, a fostering facility is needed.


To date we have the land on which to build and have raised 50% of the funds needed.  We are now working hard to raise the other half of the funds and begin construction.

We need your help!  We need your donations! Please take a look at our campaign and see how you can help us help them.